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Mini muffin papers

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I bought 200 Christmas themed of these.  Yes, I bought them because they are cute.  All the recipes I am finding say to put the papers in a mini muffin tin.  I don't have a mini muffin tin.  Are there any recipes where I can just use the liners?

Harriet Jones:
Put truffles or cake balls (or similarly shaped items) in them?  You can't really bake in them without the muffin tin to help them hold their shape.

Brigadeiros would fit in them :)  Unless you can find something solid to help them hold up, they probably won't hold batter properly.  You could try something with a very thick batter and triple up to make the cups stronger and place them all close together in an open baking pan, but I wouldn't recommend it. 

I guess I need to get those tins to make those little cheesecake bites I have been dreaming of.

Make a batch of fudge, cut in small squares, and put each piece in one of the mini liners.  Then put them in one of those pretty Christmas boxes, tie with a velvet ribbon, and you have a lovely gift for your neighbors, teachers, or friends.


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