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Do you accompany your SO to memorial services for people you never met?

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If your SO had a friend/distant relative who passed away long before you met, would you accompany him/her to an annual memorial service?

Please share why/why not.
Also, does "distance" matter - i.e. grandparent vs. second cousin once removed?

I've seen this on other threads, but I agree with it.  Funerals/wakes/viking sendoffs/spreading of the ashes are for the living.  I think it would be a very nice thing to go with your SO to support him or her in their time of need.  So that's why I selected what I did.  :D

Yes, I would go if it was important to my SO.

I must say though, I've never heard of having a annual memorial service. Is this something that happens every year? Because I'm not sure whether I'd agree to go every.single.year. Especially if travel and related costs were involved, etc.

I've accompanied my boyfriend to all sorts of things where I know nobody (like his cousin's son's wedding, I had never met the happy couple and I don't think that my boyfriend knew them well), and though I really hate it, I would probably do it for a memorial service too. Though there are limits, I probably wouldn't do it if it involved traveling for a long distance and staying the night somewhere or I had to spend a lot of money. But if it was in the same town and seemed to be important to him I would go.   

i voted yes, and i want to add "only if it would not cause anyone any distress" - e.g., if i am the "second wife", i probably wouldn't go to the service of the deceased "first wife".

as ereine says, i would go to a wedding of people i don't know because it's important to my SO. So if this is important to them, i would go to a memorial.


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