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FB status updates in different languages-who is the audience?

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Tea Drinker:
I have friends who do blog posts in more than one language (for example, someone I know only online is a Finn; he usually posts in English, but if someone comments in Finnish he replies in that language). I figure they're choosing based on who they most want to have understand, not trying to exclude the rest of us. After all, I'm not trying to limit my audience to native speakers of English.

So, if someone posts in Spanish and I understand, I may reply. If they post in Finnish or Swedish or Japanese, I just go on to the next thing.

I'm bilingual and I will purposefully post in my native tongue instead of English if it is something that I want to direct mostly at family members (many of whom don't speak English).  Also if I'm posting something like "Happy (Native country holiday)" where it just feels wrong to post in English since it's a celebration in native country.  I'll also sometimes post quotes or sayings in native language that would just sound plain weird in English.

I wouldn't be the least bit offended if another friend decided to comment on one of my different language statuses.  Actually, I'd be kind of happy to see that they've picked up something. 

Auntie Mame:
I have a lot of bilingual friends from when I lived overseas.  Posts in another language are not a personal attack on you. 

I have a friend who carries on very long FB wall conversations in Tagalog with her friends from home.  Two or three times, I've been curious enough to translate, but I don't find it exclusionary or offensive.  I figure if she really wanted *my* commentary or opinion , she'd post straight to my wall or pick up the phone to call or text.  FB status updates are just general missives in whatever language she cares to use at the time!


--- Quote from: Auntie Mame on November 13, 2012, 02:13:10 AM ---I have a lot of bilingual friends from when I lived overseas.  Posts in another language are not a personal attack on you.

--- End quote ---

I never said that they were a personal attack on me. I just wanted to know if they intentionally wanted to target people who spoke that language and if I wasn't the intended target, would it be odd or rude for me to comment.


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