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I deleted comments on my Facebook wall for the first time!

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--- Quote from: Mr NiceGuy on December 19, 2012, 12:29:52 PM ---Never be afraid to make expectations for posting on your own personal page clear, and never be afraid to enforce them.  It's best for everyone!

--- End quote ---

This.  I have only had to use that a handful of times.  My wall is my wall -- and my grandmother is one of my "friends".  If grandma would be offended, it doesn't belong there.  Honestly, even if grandma weren't, I'd still probably delete some of them, but it gives me an excellent guideline.  There are some causes I support which she and grandpa might not agree with, but I don't post anything that would be offensive (vulgarity, violence, personal/political attacks, and general trolling are prohibited).  I typically don't even tell the person -- I just remove it.  If they were to confront me about it (no one has yet), I would frankly explain the grandma rule.

Mr Hero:
There was only one time that I was informed a comment I made had to be deleted.  My sister-in-law made a post mentioning the foster kid her and brother were taking care of, but did not mention names because of some rules.  Having no clue about these rules, I did use the kid's name.  I was sent a polite PM telling me that she had to delete my comment.  No drama, just polite conversation where I expressed my thanks for telling me about the rule and for her dilligence so she doesn't get in trouble.

I dont get alot of comments on my facebook page because most of my friends only use it to look at grandkid pics and stuff but if I do I'll take your advice!, LilacRosey

MsOver Thinker, I too follow the Grandma rule. My Grandma is not on fb but I follow the rule that if I would be embarrassed for Grandma to read it, it doesn't need to be on there.


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