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I deleted comments on my Facebook wall for the first time!

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I regularly clean my wall.  Sometimes, bleach is required.

I think I've found the need to delete comments only twice -- neither for political reasons.  I warned the first person (my sister) and told her to take the discussion to PMs (she was on a health care rant at me), but she wouldn't listen so one or two more of her subsequent posts were deleted before she gave up.  The other person (an old friend) made a derogatory comment about people who practice religion after I shared a picture of a church.  That was strike 2 for him where religion is concerned so not only did I delete his comments, I restricted his access to my page and he was dropped as a wedding guest (I had not yet sent out the save-the-dates at that point so cutting him out isn't apparent yet or he doesn't care).

Otherwise, I don't usually have need for deleting the comments of others.  Fortunately, most of my FB friends have the sense not to post unacceptable things to my wall.

Can someone instruct me how to do this? Because a friend of mine posted something that I found really offensive. Thanks.

If you hover over the top right corner you should see a little drop-down with some options.

Mr NiceGuy:
I was a political science minor and I have frequently thought of running for various offices.  I just find the entire process fascinating.  My friends know that I regularly post about politics and I know that some friends have unsubscribed from my updates because they don't agree or don't care.  I don't believe it has ever caused any hardships, and I totally understand on the flip side people who are just not enticed by the idea of discussing these things.

Since emotions can frequently run high during these conversations, I have simple rules that I make clear any time I post on a political topic.  1. This is the place to discuss this topic.  Not on my post underneath this talking about my girlfriend and I visiting a local winery, and not two weeks from now when you decide you're annoyed with me and want to revisit a topic.  2. No personal attacks against anyone.  Stick to the topic.  3. Feel free to use the 'unfollow post' button once you comment to be removed from further updates to the thread.

I have found this gives a friendly and safe place for people who like to discuss social and political issues without much drama.  My instance of needing to delete posts is very low.  I guess I've only done it probably 10 times in my life, and I have operated my Facebook account this way since probably 2006.

Never be afraid to make expectations for posting on your own personal page clear, and never be afraid to enforce them.  It's best for everyone!


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