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Thanks for the set-up!

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Years ago, a friend had an irresistible set up. 

She was working with people from the Education department to produce an Ancient Egyptian-themed ABC book.  There was a problem finding something in the museum collection to represent the letter 'U'. 

Friend suggested a canopic jar to be called an 'Urn'.  That led to the question, 'What's an Egyptian urn?'

Friend couldn't resist saying, 'About seven dollars a day'. 

I just had my annual performance evaluation with my new manager.  One of the mandatory review items is on "communications", as in listening skills and ability to convey information effectively, that sort of thing.  So my manager is reading the description aloud and gets to the "is a good listener" part and he asks me, "Do you consider yourself a good listener?"

I said, "Well, I've never heard any complaints"


My husband gave me a great set up once when we were a a zoo. He knows I love animals and collect useless trivia. So when we were standing at the flamingo exhibit,, he turned to me and asked:

Him: why do flamingos stand on one leg?

Me: Because if they lifted up the other one they'd fall over!

I couldn't believe he was serious and had never heard that old joke. He just stared at me as if I had suddenly grown another head while I was laughing.

I have a wiseguy coworker and longtime friend who sees setups in everything- it's a challenge to say anything around him that he can't turn into a punchline! One day, I'd just moisturized my hands with a bit of baby lotion when my officemate entered with Wiseguy in tow. Officemate paused, and with a puzzled look, asked, "Why do I smell baby butts?", to which Wiseguy quipped, "I dunno- character flaw?"


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