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Little mistakes that turn out very well

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I registered late for grade 10 (just moved back to the country) and was super upset that music class was full, so I had been slotted into art class. However, I did end up later marrying the boy sitting beside me in that class- so it did work out in my favour :)

Tiny thing here but a bit of fun.

A few years ago I made a mistake and roasted a chicken with the breast side down.  That bird had the most juicy and tasty breast meat ever.  Since then, we've cooked our birds upside-down. 

I mentioned this in a recent thread, but I've discovered that if you misread 1/3 of a cup of oil as 1/2 cup and put it in your cake mix, not only is the cake moister than usual, but seems to be denser and holds up better (less crumbs when cutting/icing). I do it routinely now!

My mistake was one of procrastination.

Since we're having guests on Friday and it's going to be chilly, I really needed to replace my propane heater head. I put it off all summer long. ::)

In the midst of chopping/food prep for Friday I mumbled "I still need to go to store! I can't believe I put this off to the last minute!"

DD#2 and BFbob offered to go for me. Great!

When they got to the store they called me and asked me which one I wanted and described one that I was seriously looking at (during my summer research) but was more than twice the price that I wanted to pay.

They told me that it was the last one left, the guy was just clearing the shelves to restock for Black Friday and told them that he'd give them 60% off!

Squeee! ;D

Due to procrastination and luck of timing I got the higher-end heater that I really wanted for the price I was willing to pay for a not-so-good one!

I do love those little mistakes that turn out very well!

Mistake: agreeing to a king sized bed in the bedroom.  I can sleep on a single with 3 cats and a dog.  But my husband needs a king to himself, it seems.

Thus I have just enough room on my side of the bed to sidle down it to get into bed and, oops, my butt bumped the gumball machines that are in the window seat.

There is also not enough room to have a nightstand next to my side of the bed and can't have one on his side of the bed (the door opens there).

We were at an auction and I saw this cute corner nicknack holder.  It has 5 shelves and is made of solid wood. It is about 3 ft. tall and the bottom shelf is much wider than the tiny top shelf.

I made hubby drill it and screw it to the corner near the floor on my side of the bed.  It holds the tv remotes, my water, my book I am reading ATM and I clamped a nice flexible light to it so I can read/we can have a light on besides the overhead lights.

Recycle/reuse/reduce.. re-purpose!  8)


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