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Author Topic: Gifts between singles and couples - how do you do it?  (Read 24410 times)

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Re: Gifts between singles and couples - how do you do it?
« Reply #45 on: December 04, 2012, 03:43:55 PM »
Single people definitely get the short end of the stick.  My sister is married and has 2 children.  Every year I buy them FOUR gifts, and they send me ONE.    This is not going to change.  The girls are the only children that will ever be born into the family (serious fertility problems), and nobody else in my family is ever getting married. 
Over the years, my gifts to them have gotten progressively smaller, as I simply can't afford to keep up with this 4-to-1 ratio. 
Not to mention, I had to buy ALL of my own household stuff, since my sister got a whole mess of stuff as wedding/shower presents, and I will never have either.
Hmph.  At least I never have to fight for the blankets.

Why not just give a "family" gift?  This is what I finally ended up doing, because my family procreates like minks and it just got ridiculous.

For example, one year I gave a 10 gallon aquarium set up and I wrapped all the pieces individually - heater, pump, filter, thermometer.  It was a great hit and the whole thing cost me $60.

I've also given a telescope, a basket of goodies with a couple dollar store toys included, and one year in desperation and out of brokeness, one family got the 3-kinds-of-popcorn thing delivered to them.