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What to send in a care package to Afghanistan?

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My husband's best friend is currently deployed to Afghanistan and will be there over his birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  We'd like to send him a care package.  I know some of you have been deployed there, or have spouses who are: any ideas of what to include?  I know that his wife and kids send packages with some frequency, so he does get packages.  My husband asked his wife if she knew of anything in particular that he might like getting, but I'm wondering if anybody has ideas that might not have been thought of yet, or things that are always nice to get, etc.?  He doesn't smoke, and I'm not sure whether he's a fan of gum/candy or not, but my husband would probably know that or he'll find out that much from his wife.  Some websites for sending stuff to soldiers/airmen mention things like good wool socks, not sure if those are in demand in Afghanistan?  It's getting colder there now, probably especially at night since it's desert, so maybe those would be a hit?

Depending on where he is, they may have a decent BX/PX where they can get socks and normal drugstore/Wal-mart stuff. Edibles are always welcome, because the chow is not good on the best days and will make you horribly ill on the worst. Drink mixes in the individual pouches/Mio containers are really cool as well... water gets boring and all the bottled water strts to taste funky from being left outside in the sun.

If he is into body building/fitness, he would probably like workout stuff, and motorcycle/tattoo magazines are great for morale  >:D Plus, they double as unofficial currency!

But socks are always welcome, as a general rule. The laundry fairies like to steal them!

OT- Laundry fairies were really a weird phenomenon. Everyone sends their laundry out to get washed, and there was always a weird exchange of what you would get back. I once lost panties, a bra, and a pair of socks and got a sleep shirt in exchange... I was stoked! I needed another sleep shirt, and I always over pack on underwear  ;D (A sleep shirt is an overgarment, kind of like a pull over sweater, just not sweater material)

Forgot to add that magazines and puzzle type things are really awesome too! The guys would destroy all of my Hollywood mags to see what was going on in the U.S., and Suduko and crosswords were also really popular.


When I was sending care packages five years ago one thing I read requests for were lidded coffee mugs like the ones you drive with.  The soldier I sent those to said these were in short supply.

Instant hot chocolate, soup, and other such things.  You can never send enough junk food.

If they can watch movies, send DVDs.

I've had friends in Iraq who requested the following:

Beef Jerky
Wisps (disposable toothbrushes)
Single-serving drink mixes
Postage Stamps, envelopes, and writing paper
Single-serve snacks (cheese & crackers, granola bars, etc).
Phone calling cards (for use when calling home)


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