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I've been finding over the last wek or so that every time I try to come to the forum (either direct or via thelink on the main site) I'm fgetting re-direting to what appears to be a phishing site - it purports to say I'm the 1000th visitor and may have won an ipad...
Obviously I haven't  proceeded so I do;t know whether it is a direct scam trying to get personal details or 'just' trying to harvest addresses atc for later hard selling, but it's quite concerning.

There is no option to close the 'prize' site, no 'no thanks' option, which is what flags it up as a scam to me - legitimate surveys and prize draws always have the option to turn it down!

I've also found that hitting the back button and then re-selcting e-hell doesn't help (another red flag - if I was the 1000th visitor the first time, I can't be the 1000th visitor again a few minutes later!)

starting over with a copletely now window seems to work.

I'm flagging this up as it seems to be happening very frequently at present,  and is only happening when I access this site, and is happening across several different devices, all of which lead me to think it is definitely a problem linked to the site,not to my machine.

Not sure if it means the site has been hacked or whether it is a company which has legitimate access using their access in a way which was not (I'm sure) originally anticipated or authorised.

Is it possible you have a Trojan in your computer? I used to get those all the time, took my laptop to a shop, they cleaned it up and I didn't get them again. the last week I started getting them on a rare basis, I think I know exactly what I did to get some more spyware, but my laptop security isn't finding anything so I'll probably take it in for another manual clean up job.

I get those type of sites if I am one letter off from the website address.  Like  instead of .
And you will get that "You are a winner!" or other site, and there isn't a no option since you are on their site not necessarily here in ehell.  Double check your address spelling.

thanks for the suggestion, but no, definitely no trojan, (it's happened on more than one different computer, and never on any site but e-hell.)
Not a spelling issue as I have the site on my favourites bar so am not typing the address.

Just to add I'm having this problem too on multiple PCs. The page I click on comes up and then is immediately re-directed, so no misspellings.

And only on eHell.


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