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What browser are you all using? Is it the same one across all machines?

FWIW, I'm using Chrome and I have a bunch of add-ons that provide security as well as security software for my PC. I haven't had any issues like you describe.

I use chrome at home, safari on my phone ad internet explorer at work. I have a lot of very tough security.
I have not had this issue on any site other than e-hell. It's frequent but not on every visit.

I posted as I assumed that the admins would want to check for any any issues with the site

I don't know if Admins responded perhaps by PM yet, but I would screen print and look at the web address of the redirect and note it.  Hope it doesn't happen again, sounds very annoying.

It is not a problem originating from the Ehell server that we are aware of.   I pay a considerable amount of money to a security company to monitor the server and the websites and alert us to unauthorized access to the server or any changes to the software. 

If you can provide me with a screen shot of what you are seeing when the page gets redirected, that would assist people on the forum and us to sleuth the problem better. 

It is possible a Google ad is causing the redirect but the majority of the ads that appear on this site are not contextual to the page content but rather targeted to viewer's geography and what sites the viewer has recently surfed to.   If I go to some specific web site, it's a sure thing I will see Google ads for the exact same business when I come to the  Ehell site.   In other words, if a person either deliberately or accidentally stumbles on a hinky site, the odds are good that this person will start seeing targeted ads either for that site or of a similar genre which explains why a few may have a problem whereas others have no problems whatsoever. 

Unless you or others can provide a screenshot showing the ads that appear just before you are redirected, or at least the landing page with URL visible, there isn't much I can do to help you. 


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