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My Small Story From Yesterday Afternoon


I was in Bath & Body Works yesterday afternoon after not being in there for over a month (a big achievement) to use a coupon.  I only spent $10 to get a single free product and couldn't use the "$10 off a $30 purchase" coupon.  I gave it to a couple whose bag clearly contained enough merchandise to get to $50.  They thanked me profusely.

My purchase came to $11.   The cashier had just run out of small bills and I had only large ones.  The guy said "I got that" and gave her $1.  He looked at me and said "People helping people."   I thanked him and we wished each other a good day.

how sweet!

I hate to see coupons go to waste.   8)


--- Quote from: Venus193 on November 18, 2012, 05:54:44 AM ---I hate to see coupons go to waste.   8)

--- End quote ---

Me, too. When Joann's has their coupon sales, it's great fun to try to find someone who needs some that I'm not using and give them to them. Yesterday, I was at Target, and had coupons from the Sunday paper. There was a lady looking for a Barbie "in a red dress" that her granddaughter wants. Apparently, that's the holiday Barbie and it's $40, which was out of her budget. One of my coupons was for 25% off a Barbie item. Grandma was delighted to be able to get the doll GD wants, and still stay in the budget she had set. It was great to see the look on her face!


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