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Author Topic: Can you tell me anything about Manassas?  (Read 7156 times)

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Re: Can you tell me anything about Manassas?
« Reply #15 on: November 13, 2012, 02:31:32 PM »
We moved from Aldie, VA, two years ago.  It's a bit west of Chantilly along Rte 50.  Chantilly and Centreville are nice areas; if you can swing Clifton, it's a REALLY nice area (I have a friend in the Navy who lives in Clifton, so there are affordable places).  We liked Aldie, but it might be a bit far for you.  There's a BIG development called South Riding in Chantilly that has a lot to recommend it.

We used to go down to Manassas to hit a particular strip mall that was close to us (Aldie is basically just north of Manassas) and we also attended a music class at the JCC there -- but Manassas itself didn't seem like a great place.  I know you said the school system doesn't matter as you homeschool, but it will matter for resale value of your home, and I didn't hear good things about the school system there . . .