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Weirdo issue with my boss

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<bg/> I've worked for the company for four years, all for this same boss. We started out together in Arkansas, and now we've both moved to Atlanta. We have a very cordial relationship, and I'm now working for him on a very small team on some special projects. I genuinely like him, and we all chat and are friendly at work. That said, I am pretty reserved and don't go out with coworkers to lunch often, don't go out after work with them, etc. </bg>

My boss has developed a weird habit when he comes to see me - he steals my candy! I keep one of those 200 packs of tic tacs on my desk, and it's in plain sight, but under the edge of my monitor and clearly not in 'public space'. Every time he comes over to talk to me, which is once or twice a week, he picks up the container, helps himself to a couple, and acts like it's totally normal. He does offer to share snacks (nuts, pretzels, etc) when we're in long meetings, and such, and so it seems to be his norm, but it's just weird for me.

Should I say something? Ignore it? It's honestly the only thing about the man I don't like, and it's SO MINOR, but I just find it bizarre.

Ooh, that would drive me crazy! Do you think he would take it well if you said something like, "hey, I planning on eating those!" or something? Or could you stash them someplace even less accessible, like a drawer? 

That would drive me totally nuts. I think the best solution is to put them somewhere else, like in a drawer.

I'm betting it's because of two things: 1) It's a large pack of tic tacs, not a single serving one. In general, bringing in that quantity of stuff to work suggests/implies that it's there for sharing. 2) It's on your desk, not in your desk, even if it's not entirely in "public" space.

In his mind, clearly, on the desk + larger than single quantity of something = sharing. I would start keeping them in a drawer.

I think that it's one of those issues that should've been addressed in year 1.  It will look super odd to go to him in year 4 and say something like, "By the way, those candies I've had on my desk for the last four years are mine."  I would just start putting them in a drawer or a purse if you don't plan to continue sharing.


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