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We have our family's major gift giving holiday coming up soon.  Including our nuclear family we are 18 total - I'm the only one with kids, the rest are guys 25 to 35, one wife aged 35, and couples of my parent's generation, ranging from 58 to 81.  And one almost 17 year old boy.  By general unspoken consensus these gifts are fairly modest - 25 per person from the younger set. I also do the baking for the holiday - but this year its going to be different and the family will gather at a the hosts' then go to a restaurant, not our usual overnight. 

So my idea is homemade lapdesks and a cookie bouquet per person.  I have these cute vases that I think is the style of several of the women.  The 17 year old actually asked me to make him a lapdesk so I think he's on board with that at least.

Thoughts?  Does it seem cheap / icky / boring / weird?  Its not terribly personalized, but I've tended to buy in "classes" - all the older ladies get a purse, all the guys get bags, etc.   

I think that's an extremely useful and thoughtful gift. Whether for writing, reading or propping a laptop on a portable desk can handle it all.

Lapdesk?  As in a board with some padding on the bottom?

I think its a know your audience thing.  I can't think of anyone I know who would use one (I'm a female in the 35ish range).  I do use a laptop computer but I rarely put it on my lap as then I'd need to use a cooling pad as well.  I don't do anything else on my lap.

I don't generally like the idea of everyone getting the same gift unless each individual gift is tailored for the recipient. In other words, Tom's lapdesk has a baseball theme because he likes baseball and Janice's has puppies because dogs are her thing.  Other than that, only you know if your family members would find a lapdesk useful. It's not something I would use.

You don't need a cooling pad if it is sitting on a hard surface.  The lapdesks I have seen all have hard surface tops.  This gives the fan the space it needs to breathe.  I think it is a good idea and I like the idea of customizing them for sports fans and other things.


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