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Do you have an awesome stuffing/dressing recipe?

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Would you like to share it with me, please?  ;D

Outdoor Girl:
Mine is extremely simple but my family all loves it.

14 cups bread crumbs - Mom used the stale heels of loaves or any sort of bread out of the freezer that had been in there too long and ground it all up in a hand crank grinder, and then the food processor when she got one.
2 to 3 onions, chopped finely
6 to 8 tablespoons summer savoury, homegrown and dried since Mom didn't like the commercial stuff
1 tbsp seasoned salt
1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp sage
pinch of thyme

Make it up the night before so you can adjust the seasonings, if needed, before stuffing the turkey.  The mixture should loosely compact into balls when you squeeze a handful together.  If it doesn't, add a little water until it does.  We have one person pass over the dressing balls to the person stuffing the turkey, to keep the turkey hands out of the dressing.  That way, leftover dressing can be frozen for the next time.  Since we have turkey at Thanksgiving in October, at Christmas and sometimes, even at Easter, it isn't in the freezer too long.  We sometimes have a small turkey just for the heck of it and use the bones and leftover meat to make soup.

What is summer savoury, OG?    My recipe is similar, but I add tonnes of Sage and Thyme.

Does anyone have a recipe that doesn't go into the turkey? I love, love, stuffing that isn't super moist, or even stuffing that gets baked a little after it's made in order to give it a kind of crunchy-ish texture. The only time I've ever had that is by tossing left-over Stovetop into the oven when I'm reheating leftovers, though.

I made bacon stuffing last year and it was a huge hit. It can be baked in the bird or in the oven; I did it in the oven. It was so delicious and the bacon added some nice flavor.


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