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Christmas gifts for pregnant people?

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Mental Magpie:
Mental Sister is pregnant and due in March.  Is there any etiquette regarding for whom I get Christmas gifts in this case?

Do I:

A) Get something each for Mental Sister and BIL that has nothing to do with the baby without getting something for the baby? (Two gifts)
B) With getting something separate for the baby, too? (Three gifts)
C) Get something for Mental Sister that has only to do with the baby and something separate for BIL? (Two gifts)
D) Get something for Mental Sister, BIL, and the baby all in one? (One gift)
E) Or something of which I'm not thinking?

Well, do you want to start buying family gifts or individual gifts. decide that and go from there. As far as I am aware there is no etiquette rule that says either is the right way to go

Outdoor Girl:
Personally, I wouldn't give a Christmas gift to a baby that isn't even born yet.  There are so many things that can happen between now and then.  Hopefully and probably not but the possibility is there.

So I would gift Mental Sister and BIL as you intend to gift them from this point forward.  If you intend to give them individual gifts, I'd do that.  If you intend to give them family gifts, start this year with a coupley gift for MS and BIL and then next year, add something for the baby.

ETA a word.

I would say get either individual gifts for them, or a couple gift for them, depending on how you plan to go on in the future.  Choice B would be okay also, if you see something that you want to get for the baby that couldn't wait to be a shower or welcome-baby gift.

Absolutely do not do Choice C, as that will come across as seeing Sister as a baby-maker only and not as an individual.

(Choice D can wait til next year.  Next year's can either be B or D, depending on if your future plan is individual gifts or family gifts.  Well, another alternative for next year is get a couple gift for the parents and separate gift for baby.)

I would not get a gift for futurebaby, but I would sign a nice card to the expecting parents with a sentiment in it along the lines of how nice it will be next year to have a new baby around at Xmas, and address it to MentalSis, BIL and "future baby" (whatever it is being referred to :) )/


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