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Author Topic: Scrag him, or take a deep breath and be understanding. Again.  (Read 10480 times)

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Re: Scrag him, or take a deep breath and be understanding. Again.
« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2012, 09:25:25 PM »
Ok. So court today went well. His lawyer is awesome and was astounded at all the mistakes in his case. He could have taken the easy option and plead guilty but he truly believes he has done nothing wrong and she thinks he has a really strong case. It was really interesting to see him around his 'friends'. It was almost like some kind of social club. I swear he knew most of the others waiting to be called. I hadn't seen him operating in this mode before so I now have a bit more understanding on the pull his contacts have with him. He has always been very respectful, helpful and polite around me, but around this lot he really wore my patience. He come across as a thug but will do pretty much anything for approval from any quarters. Lets just see what he will do for an honest wage.

So now I have a happy, much less stressed brush hand who I can work like a navie.