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What does 'Holiday/s' mean?

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oz diva:
What does that mean to you?

It means a time off work/school for me. Can be Easter/Christmas or it can be a time to go away during the year.

I realised in another thread that it probably doesn't mean that to some Ehellions.

It means time off work, or flying/driving off somewhere to sit in the sun/visit another place etc for a week or two.

Stress. It means time with family and awkward conversations where I don't get a word in edgewise. And it's going to be even more awkward this year...

'Holiday' to me is like the OP - time off work, the time when you go away somewhere, what US folks would call a 'vacation', ie, 'I'm on holiday'.

Christmas/Easter etc are just referred to by their names rather than being called 'the holidays': ie, 'what are you doing for Christmas?'

Holiday in the US can have a couple of meanings.

In general, "the holidays" is the time between Thanksgiving at the end of November to New Year's Day.

"Have a happy holiday!" or "Happy Holidays!" are generic greetings/sayings when you don't know what religious holiday someone celebrates, Christmas or Hanukkah or the Winter Solstice or nothing at all. Most people in the US celebrate Thanksgiving and New Years, so it tends to fit a variety of people without offending.

"Tomorrow is a holiday," usually refers to a day off from work, one of the scheduled Federal holidays, such as Christmas or Labor Day or the Fourth of July.

However, having several days off work, when you might go somewhere else, is a "vacation." Most jobs allow employees two weeks of vacation a year, sometimes more the longer you work there. When school lets out for the summer, it's "summer vacation." There's a short gap for schools, usually a week, when they are closed for Christmas and New Year's. When I was a kid, that was Christmas vacation. Now it is usually called "winter vacation" or something similar.


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