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Thanksgiving dessert ideas

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Good Morning All!

I am in charge of making dessert for Thanksgiving dinner. I want to veer from the expected. And ideas to knock people's socks off?

Are you the only one bringing dessert?  If not, veer as much as you want.  If you ARE, however, not bringing pumpkin pie or apple crisp, or some other traditional dessert, others may feel like they're missing something important on Thanksgiving.  I can't imagine Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.

Ah, good point there. I did not even think of that angle. I *am* the only dessert-bringer. Hmmmm. May have to rethink this ...

I think these look good, but I haven't made any of them!

rose red:
If your family usually have the traditional pumpkin pie, maybe twist it up with pumpkin cheesecake.  Or some type of pie, cookies, or cake with pumpkin ice cream. 


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