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Thanksgiving dessert ideas

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What about little mini-pies with different fillings? Some traditional and some new. No recipes...just tossing the idea out there. :)

Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle.

I keep meaning to make this but seem to forget during the planning process.  One of these years.

I like the trifle idea. I do have a gorgeous trifle bowl I can use! And I can still have the pumpkin thing going on ...

I would bring 2 pies- one pumpkin for tradition, and one completely different. If you don't bring the "tradition" on a holiday without notice- rightly or wrongly some people will automatically resent the "new" item.

I'm doing an apple pie, a blueberry pie and mini-strawberry cheesecakes.

Definitely do something traditional, but something a bit different is also a good thing.


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