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Okay, the pool comment made me curious.  There has to be at least a few really good back stories.  Please tell us one. (I'm making tea and cookies in anticipation.)


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--- Quote from: Flydell North on November 16, 2012, 08:23:03 PM ---What about getting a inexpensive less-than-attractive outfit from a thrift store for her to change into after she accidentally falls into your pool.  Then you won't have worry about her returning something of yours.
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This is far more trouble than she should have to go to for someone who routinely misbehaves, and is far beyond the call of etiquette.

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No, but it's an amusing short circuit for someone who (reading between the lines) maneuvres herself into falling into the pool, and gets to walk off with a nice outfit she never returns or pays for. Walking out in a $1 muumuu might be chastening.


--- Quote from: BarensMom on November 19, 2012, 09:14:33 AM ---Okay, the pool comment made me curious.  There has to be at least a few really good back stories.  Please tell us one. (I'm making tea and cookies in anticipation.)

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I think the central issue with the pool are Molly's assets.  She's very proud of her chest and I think she wants to make sure everyone else gets a good look, too.  Once, she drunkenly suggested that the guys present throw water on her to "help practice" for an upcoming wet t-shirt contest she was planning on competing in (I wish I were kidding).  The guys declined, five minutes later she fell into the pool.  Coincidence?  I think not.

This was after the Weekend of the Unintentional Sleepover.  This was during a time when DH and I were renting a large house from a friend (it was a mutual favor, long story), and having no kids, we had more room than we needed.  Ben and Josh came to live with us, which naturally meant Molly was at a lot of our get-togethers.  At the time, we had a very small easy-set pool which I basically used for floating around and reading in the sunshine (we  now have a normal pool at our home). 

Well, about six people (not just Molly) decided to get in the pool, fully clothed.  Dry clothes were passed out when the bathing was over.  Molly used Josh's room to change (at this time, Josh was in a long-distance relationship with his now-wife).  Well, Molly didn't come OUT of the room.  When Josh investigated, he found her snoring in his bed, wearing our dry clothes, passed out.  Before she fell asleep, she apparently grabbed Josh's cell phone and she TEXTED JOSH'S GIRLFRIEND a picture of herself in bed, flashing a peace sign.  Sue was not amused.

Edited for clarification.

I'm coming into this late, and glad the party went well and Molly didn't show up. But I am wondering why it was really necessary to invite Molly? By all accounts she is a friend of Josh and Sue's not yours. Why do Josh and Sue get to inflict her on you? If she causes drama over not being invited to their friends' parties, that is their issue to deal with, not yours.

I had a friend who was routinely not invited to parties for good reason (she had driven away every friend or acquaintance she had due to her negativity and drama, and I was one of the few holdouts). She gave me a lot of grief over not being invited to parties that weren't mine to invite her to. I would not dream of pressuring the host to invite her. She finally drove me away too, and she is down to only a couple of people who tolerate her.


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