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Ok, a stupid question, which is why I wanted to ask it here before I ask it in the store.

Went into a store today to find a replacement ring for my mother.  While there I saw a ring that I wanted.  I'd been saving up for a class ring (I graduate in a month!) and had pretty much decided not to buy one as all I can think of was that the prices were so high now and I wouldn't even want to wear it in 5 years.

Then I saw this ring with pearls and some sort of shiny gems.  Dunno what they are and don't care, but it was a Zales so I'm assuming it was tiny diamonds.  It was pre-owned so it won't come with a warranty.  But at 50% off it fell down into the budget I had set for my class ring.

I'm sort of scared to get it.  I don't know how pearls are set, but looking at it it doesn't look secure.  I am very...unaware...when moving.  I scrape by walls and corners constantly.  I wear watches on the inside of my wrist just so the screen doesn't get too scratched to read.

I'm afraid to spend so much on a ring that might break easily.  Does anyone have any knowledge of how secure pearls tend to be in ring setting?  I assume that it will stand up to daily wear and tear.  But what about clipping corners somewhat regularly?

Does anyone have any experience with pearl rings?  Who can reassure me or warn me off?

the ring:

This doesn't exactly answer your question, but I know you shouldn't wear pearls in the shower.  They'll dissolve.

Pearls are usually set on a post - the pearl is drilled, then glued (think Araldite) onto the post. 

I've got quite a bit of pearl jewellery from my Vegas trip - it is beautiful, but I don't wear it much.  Like you, I'm a bit afraid of damaging it.

The care instructions I received were to never wash with the pearls on, to always remove them when showering, washing hands etc.  And cleaning the jewellery it is recommended to use a special pearl cleaning solution.  As I tend to wear my rings etc 24/7, this doesn't really work for me, so the pearls are only put on for special occasions.

If you really want the ring, get it and love it, it is beautiful.  But you may want to save it for special occasions, especially if you're like me and a bit klutzy.  And turn the pearls into the palm side of your hand when walking around!   :D 

If you want something you can wear all day, every day, you may want to keep looking for something else that appeals and is a bit more forgiving.

Pearls are quite delicate.


They do scratch and dent easily. I am not sure about natural pearls, but I had a cultured pearl ring that was pretty much the pearl glued to the setting. I ended up ripping the bulk of the pearl off, the pearl coating just peeled away at the place where it was glued. That wasn't a super expensive ring though, and I am sure quality would matter.

That ring is beautiful btw.

I've always been told to avoid pearls in rings because they just don't handle the beating that rings tend to get.  I'm afraid it won't last.

Having said that, if you love the ring, buy the ring.  And then if you want something you can wear every day, you've already discovered how much cheaper second hand jewellery is, so have a think about hunting down a nice 1920s art deco piece.... (if you like that style).


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