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I know nothing about pearls, but I LOVE that ring!

I love pearls and I actually have a few pieces of jewelry that have them.  Here's the thing about pearls though...they're a 2 1/2 to 4 on Moh's Hardness Scale.  For reference, here's a guide:

So depending on your particular pearls' hardness it could be anywhere from being easily scratched to being a little bit harder to scratch.  You also shouldn't wash with them on as it could damage the lustre (shininess of the pearl) and you should always avoid putting anything on them like hand soap, fragrance, hair spray and lotion as this can also damage the pearl.  I had a lovely South Sea pearl necklace and I made the mistake of putting perfume on my chest and it completely destroyed my pearl.  So since you mentioned scraping against walls and being unaware of your hands that I wouldn't really recommend a pearl ring for you.

If you really love pearls than I would recommend starting with a pearl necklace as they tend to take less of a beating then your hands.  Hope this helps!

Also, here's a general guide to caring for pearl jewelry.  http://www.theartofmakingjewelry.com/pearl-necklace.html

I am going to differ with lots of people.  I think if you want it you should have it.  I have a pearl ring that I have worn every day for the last 3 years and I love that ring.  I know that I will need to replace the pearl someday but really it's not that hard to do or at least with mine not even that expensive.  I say go for it!

I know almost nothing about pearls either, but that ring is gorgeous. Get it. You can save it for special occasions, but you'll never regret having something you love now.

I've been looking into it since I've started the post and I'm leaning towards still getting the ring.  So thank you for the information and links.  I'm at least going back to the store tomorrow to talk about it.  I want to get in before the weekend, just in case.  I just wanted a little background knowledge before going in there.  The lady I was talking to about mom's ring kept trying to steer me towards diamonds instead and I was hesitant to try going in without a little bit of knowledge on the subject.

Upside: I can't afford their other jewelry so worries about being swayed towards something else!

If I get it, I'll try wearing it semi-regularly and if I notice than I'm not being careful with it I'll reserve it for special occasion.

Its a cultured fw pearl ring, so should it become necessary its not too expensive to replace the pearl. It seems in comparison to the ring itself the pearls are not worth so much, so after looking at that, I'm not feeling too bad about it.  I once spent more that the replacement cost at walmart when I went in for shampoo.  I wish I couldn't say that, but it is true.  Thinking about it that way makes me feel quite a bit better.

Also,  I figure I'll get used to it in time may not feel a pressing need to wear it daily anyways.  Rings are the only jewelry I can wear with any regularity, so maybe another cheaper one will catch my eye and the specialness of "new ring!" may wear off.  I have never really indulged in buying myself jewelry before, so maybe I'll be on the look out for a cheaper, sturdier ring to wear daily.  So then I can save it for special occasions anyways.

If all else fails: Two years back my grandmother gave me a ring for Christmas.  I hated it, then.  The stone was too big for my liking.  I never got it resized, but she asked about it last month, so I dug it out of its hidey-hole.  It's grown on me (ha!).  So I'm getting it resized.  If I do decide to stop wearing the pearl ring, I an always wear that one.


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