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Birthday Part Invite ~ Update #8

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Are there any moms that you are friendly with that is attending the party?  You can ask her to keep an eye on your son while you are out with your other son.
But I do agree with the others, I wouldn't ask for an invite or hint around for it.  Hope you can find someone to stay with your son.


--- Quote from: Shoo on November 16, 2012, 04:07:59 PM ---I think mentioning your son has a twin would be a tad manipulative.  It's fine to ask about dropping off, but I don't think you should mention the other child.

--- End quote ---


I'm going to disagree slightly and say that it's dine to mention the twin if you make clear that you have other plans for him. Personally if I have a party, I always specifically invite siblings and I want to have that info. If I am inviting the parents or parent and a kid, I always invite the other kids as well (or I say they are welcome so they can come if they want-slightly different than an invite). I know it isn't a rule, but it feels close to splitting a social unit to invite parents and only some of their kids.

When parties become drop-off parties, I will stop inviting siblings.

Well, I emailed the mom & got a response back. They are fine with DS2 being dropped off without a parent staying & since there will be a lot of his classmates there I'm not worried about him. DS2 is a fairly outgoing kiddo ;D If DH can stay home then I'll stay at the party, if not, DS1 & I will have some alone time together which will be nice.

Now to figure out what to get the birthday boy!


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