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Author Topic: Would you keep the gift bag?  (Read 9072 times)

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Re: Would you keep the gift bag?
« Reply #30 on: December 10, 2012, 11:13:21 AM »
First of all, the organizer shouldn't have been the one to draw the winning tickets.  She should have been the one to hold the bag. 

If one of her tickets was drawn, she would have been right to accept her prize.  If one of her tickets came up again, she should have given the second prize back for a re-draw. 

Events like this are about raising money.

  Yes, buying more tickets give the buyer more chances to win but the wealth should be spread as widely as possible.  The idea of the organizer winning one-third of the available prizes is likely to leave an unpleasant feeling among other members of the group. 

Winning is always nice.  Letting others win is even nicer.

Yup. I agree. And I think the fact there were only a few baskets is important too. I think after the second win, she should have just picked another ticket and let someone else win.

I go to several charity events every year, we call them tricky trays, where its the same thing.  You purchase tickets, and put in as many as you want for each prize you want to try and win. Some people buy hundreds of dollars worth of tickets, and many times, win multiple times. But these events are much larger, with a couple hundred attendees, and many organizers/helpers etc. many times its for local schools, but it is hard to know who was an organizer etc. vs. who won.

At these events, my friends and I will joke why is that table/person winning so much and we won nothing, but in the end, all the money goes to the whoever the event is for, and while some may win a lot, and others none, it really doesnt matter.