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S/O of Holiday Hill... What's you Black Friday plans/preferences?

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I noticed that the subject of Black Friday is up in a lot of conversations, and I was just curious what e-hellions did for this?

I go out on Black Friday, but the only thing I've ever really gone out to buy was fabric that was deeply discounted. My MIL has sent DH, myself, and my BIL out on shopping missions, but I mainly just like wandering around watching the chaos ensue. 

Two favorite random Black Friday moments:

I stopped to read a sales flier that was near a display in Wal-Mart. When I was  done reading  and looked up, a significant sized line had formed up behind me, because... well, I guess I looked like the display would be released for sale soon. :P
Getting blocked in by several carts and having to low crawl to my husband underneath a bunch of clothing racks. That was fun! ;D

Please pass the Calgon:
I'm planning to follow my annual tradition of staying curled up on the couch in front of the TV w/ DH, the kids & my iPad. We watch movies, shop the online Black Friday sales, and never get out of our PJs. Leftovers for lunch :)

I used to go out but once people were getting hurt on a yearly basis I stopped going out. 

I always buy the family's new Christmas morning fleece jammies. Anything else I might pick up (DVDs, picture frames, fuzzy socks) is generally a cheap impulse buy. I go because I used to go with my mom and it brings back good memories, plus I'm usually up at 5 AM anyway.

I do not fight other people for goods in high demand and low quantity. I also don't go on Thanksgiving itself. Nobody's gotten hurt at my local stores yet *knock on wood* but I'd hate to tempt fate.

My sister spends Thanksgiving with her in-laws, so she holds Thanksgiving Part 2 for my family on Black Friday.  The first few years her husband made a turkey (Thanksgiving Part 2 actually got started because he wanted to make turkey but his mother was making it for the actual day) but lately it's been lasagna.

I did go shopping last Black Friday, but only to the grocery store because I needed to run in real quick and pick up an ingredient for something I was making for T2 dinner, and the grocery store was nearly empty.


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