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Adopting 2 feral kittens (possibly today!) NEW PIC #133!

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So cute! They look young enough that you probably won't need a lot of taming time with them! I was expecting much older kittens. Just keep talking to them and interacting with them - they will have you wrapped around their paws in no time. :-)

Are you sure Tiger Kitty is a him? Looks like a Tiger Calico and most of them are female.

Adorable!  And I echo that Tiger is probably a girl, because of the calico.

Human baby food may not be nutritionally right for kittens.  I would go to the nearest pet store and get canned kitten food.  You can wait a few days.  Anything you give them can't help but be better than the 1/2 dead sparrows and other small critters their mother was probably feeding them.

Its not easy to tell tiny boy kittens from tiny girl kittens.  Have the vet check the first time you take them in.  Do that soon.  Many feral animals have digestive worms.  The vet will check in that first visit.  And if worms are found the vet will teach you how to squirt wormer in their mouths.  There's a trick to keep them from spitting it out. 

They are adorable!  There must be some trust if you were able to bathe them without mishap! 
My sister named her cat Ethyl and found later that it was a male.  He was Ethyl, anyway.

Outdoor Girl:

I can't believe you got through the bathing in one piece!  Agree with the others that a trip to the vet asap is in order.  If you can take some of their feces with you, they can do a worm check, that way, too.  And I also agree that at their age, they won't need much taming.  They'll probably settle right in.  Warm?  Food?  Less scary noises?  SCORE!


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