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I recently had my first taste

  Spread lightly on a slice of warm toast, the stuff was quite nice but it reminded me of Bovril. In my experience, Bovril is usually used to make a warm drink.  Do Aussies do the same with Vegemite?

I keep thinking of a line from the Men at Work song. 

I made him a Vegemite sandwich'. 


You found vegemite in the US? I really want to try it. My friend picked up a jar in Australia, but to my knowledge it was a keepsake and never opened ... and that was when she worked at the Olymics there, so i doubt it is any kind of tasty anymore.

I have seen Marmite in my grocery store here in Iowa.  (Sort of the British version of Vegemite, or Vegemite is the Aussie version of Marmite, depending on who you talk to)

I tried it once in college (we had a small deli-like restaurant that featured Aussie things like meat pies) ...the smell threw me.

No, we don't make a hot drink from it.  We have it on toast, we have it on sandwiches (especially good if you add lettuce and sliced cheddar to it, although a friend of mine prefers Jarlsberg) and some of us have been known to eat a small spoon for no good reason other than they wanted Vegemite.  :)  You can put a spoon or so into a soup for a flavour boost, I personally rub it on roast beef before cooking it... a little extra flavour, some nice caramelisation and it gives the pan juice gravy an even better flavour.  :)

Yes, you can use marmite to make a hot drink if you want (I wouldn't )

I believe marmite came first. Vegemite started being made when the marmite imports stopped during the war (although I can't now remember if it was WWI or WWII)

Marmite doesn't go off so the Olympic jar would be just fine. (I've just finished a jar which had a use by date of 2002, it was absolutely fine.)

I understand from my US based expat. friends that you can buy it on Amazon, but only in trays of 24 jars at a time, which is quite a commitment!

(and do check YouTube for Amanda Palmer's 'Vegemite (the black death) song)


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