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my "invention" - not rocket science but organized


I always have little bits of paper with notes scribbled on them around my computer. I need to look at said notes, but I hadn't figured out a way to keep them organized/visible but off the desk's surface. My computer workstation has an upper unit attached, that unit has a top shelf and a side partition which holds CDs. I bought some magnetic tape (adhesive on one side, magnetic on the other), trimmed it to fit and placed it along the edge of the top shelf of the workstation. Add some teeny magnets, and voila!

Okay I didn't solve the problem of world peace, but I think it's pretty darned inventive.

cool! it's the simple things that make life easier!

I love magnets.  what a great idea.  We do something similar.  My husband is a keeper of notes as well, and he has one of those industrial black metal shelves near the computer and I discovered that pinning his notes to the front of each shelf (each has  a 3 inch metal piece fronting it) helps a lot.  And if I use the rectangular really strong ones they hold a whole bunch of notes all stacked together.


What a great idea. I may try that at my desk at work. Word has it our walls that we can stick push-pins into are being replaced. Go, AuntieA!


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