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I have two cousins, "Amber" and "Kara." Kara is feeling conflicted about something, and I thought that E-Hell might be able to provide her with some guidance.

Amber and Kara live in the same city. They get along reasonably well. Both of them have good jobs and loving partners. Kara just had a baby a month ago. Amber is due in a few weeks. During the last weeks of Kara's pregnancy, Amber has been increasing her demands that Kara give Amber all of the baby's clothes as soon as she grows out of them so that Amber's child has something to wear.

Kara told me that this makes her uncomfortable. She has gotten burned before on lending items to other people, so she no longer does so. Kara said she knows that she and her husband will want to try for another baby at some point, and it would be expensive to replace all of the baby clothes that she bought/was given at a baby shower. Kara has tried to rebuff Amber's requests, but Amber won't budge. Amber keeps saying, "You won't need the clothes that Baby grows out of. Why won't you give them to me?"

Do you folks have any suggestions about what Kara should say or do? I have no idea if Amber and her husband are financially prepared for their baby -- I just know that both of them have good jobs in their fields.

Harriet Jones:
"No, we're saving them for our next baby"

"I'm afraid that won't be possible."

I think Amber has no idea how babies grow.  I have a friend whose son was in 12 month clothes when he was 6 months.  My daughter was just into 9 month clothes when she was at 6 months.  Kara's baby will probably be using the 0-3 month clothes when Amber's child is born.  If they're going to be 2 months apart I don't see how it's possible to share clothes.  What if at 2 months Amber's baby needs the 3-6 month size but Kara's 4 month old is still wearing the 3-6 month clothes? 

I think Amber needs to be told that the children are too close in age for this to be possible.

I have a nephew 5 months younger than my Boo Bear. I haven't passed any of Boo's clothes to him because, from the age of 6 months, the boy has been keeping up with Boo in size. Yes, at 6 months he was wearing 9-12 month clothes. When Boo went into 18 month I found out Nephew had as well.

I agree that Amber needs to get a clue that babies don't grow uniformly.

Harriet Jones:
She also needs to get a clue about not being entitled to someone else's things.


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