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Leggings as Pants - In School

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Just read this article on MSN:

Was wondering what the EH consensus was on this.

I think that people today are more focused on dressing for comfort and not so much for etiquette's sake. Gone are the days of suits, changing for dinner, and wearing gloves. However, I agree with the school principal in this case. Clothes are more revealing these days and people want to wear what they want to wear, but they need to keep it appropriate in a school setting and if the clothes show too much, then they need a dress code. And they need to follow it. I can be hard on my DD when it comes to this, but I still let her march to the beat of her own fashion drummer.


Harriet Jones:
Leggings are already banned at our middle school. They're considered undergarments, and no exposed undergarments are allowed.  Even if the girl is already fairly well covered.

I agree with the teachers, it simply isn't that significant a distraction.

I don't have a problem with school kids (or middle aged people ie me) wearing leggings - but they should be with a long enough top or skirt or dress that they come below your bum - it drives my 12 year old nuts that I make her either change her top or add a skirt with most of her outfits (uniform for school so not an issue for then)

Wearing them as instead of tights with a dress - OK.

Wearing them with a shirt instead of pants - not OK.


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