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So, I Had To Find Out In An Email??? (Update#7--Now With Popcorn Worthy Details)

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I don't even know what to say to who about this. 

I am part of our collection development committee and am charged with purchasing adult fiction, movies and music for the main library.  Of late, I have been sharing the fiction duties with a coworker because it really is a lot for one person to handle lately.  However....this coworker has been fortunate enough to find a new job that pays her lots more and actually gives her the title she should have (she does all of Stonecold's duties in addition to her own) with the added attraction of not having to work with Stonecold anymore.

Today I received an email with an attachment that read "list of selectors"...and that was when I discovered that I have been removed completely from the selection of adult fiction.  I do not know whose decision this was, I don't think it was my departing coworker. 

Now, I really don't mind losing this task right now as I am drowning under special orders for patrons , in addition to other jobs I've had to pick up with several recent staff departures (and yes, I am working on my own, this time round).  But with one exception, the entire collection development committee sits a big three feet away from me.  One of them couldn't have said "Lily, we hope this won't upset you, but with Coworker leaving, we have to split her duties up and we've decided to give all of fiction selection to the same person who orders for the branches."  I probably would have said "Thank God!"

I really don't think there's much I can do except act as if I know all this (I did send an email asking for clarification and received...nothing) and try to ignore the way it was done.  I have a pretty good idea who is responsible for the decision and I don't want to go head to head with her (in the words of Sancho Panza "It doesn't matter if the pitcher hits the wall or the wall hits the pitcher; it's going to be very bad for the pitcher.")

Any advise for being relieved of duties by people who hope you won't notice?

Just go on  like this " I really don't think there's much I can do except act as if I know all this" .  It could be (not likely) that member3 of the committee think that  member one told you, while member one think member 2 told you, etc.  Bummer on finding out like this.



Is it possible it is a mistake?
Either way, i hope it was not deliberate. Your library sounds a bit disorganized. Possibly everyone thought someone else had talked to you about it?  :-\ Still not optimum, but better than deliberately leaving you in the cold.

Dr. F.:
Yes, yes I have been relieved of duty for something without actually being told so. You were luckier than I was, I brought it up in a meeting, saying "I'm not quite sure what my new role is in X." Only to be met with horrified, disbelieving stares that I hadn't intuited that they didn't want me in that role anymore (that was the one task I still enjoyed and was good at at that point). Apparently everyone else in the room already knew and hadn't bothered to say anything.

Former Horrible Boss THEN followed up with an email informing me that I had been relieved of that duty and "I thought we were all on the same page on this."

Well, no, you just said my former underling was going to be taking on more responsibility in that area, not that she was replacing me completely.

So, yeah, I totally feel your pain. I am SOOOO glad I'm out of that job!

With all the things that are wrong with your job that have a negative impact on you, I would let this one roll off my back. In a less toxic workplace I would probably say something, but in yours, there probably isn't much point.


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