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So, I Had To Find Out In An Email??? (Update#7--Now With Popcorn Worthy Details)

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Yarnspinner, I know you have been wanting out for years.  Hope you find that new job soon...

sitting down and getting my popcorn now....


--- Quote from: elephantschild on November 21, 2012, 04:49:28 PM ---Then so am I, artk2002. I had the same thought.  :P

My workplace isn't nearly as dysfunctional (right now, anyway), but there has been times when I've had to step back and stop "fixing" things that were another person's job. If I'd kept doing it, they would have kept happily ignoring what they were supposed to do and were getting paid to do.

And sometimes, I've had to stop doing it because I wasn't getting paid for it, it wasn't in my job description, but corporate would ignore the fact that we needed someone to do it and be paid to do it until it actually wasn't getting done. I have my own job to do.

It's tough to be the one who cares, sometimes.

Good luck, Yarnspinner.

--- End quote ---

OT, but I have a friend who does this and then can't understand why she's so stressed out, why other people she works with keep telling her to focus on her job, and why she works super long days. She cannot let go of fixing things. I should copy and paste your words into an email for her, since you said it perfectly!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Stonecold updates. (How DOES one run a library from HOME?)

Texas Mom:
Is there a place for you where Lucky went?

Well, this might be drama queenish, but I may just have put myself in a whole lot of trouble...provided Stonecold even reads the email I sent.

Background:  I think I mentioned upthread that Stonecold had asked us to work on days we normally wouldn't be working and promised us triple time for coming in on Sundays.  We asked her specifically if the city had approved the pay rate and she said absolutely yes, it was all approved and ready to go.  NO problem.

After two months of working this schedule of sometimes seven days without a break, we have not received even a dime of straight pay.  Questions were asked and it was discovered that this was never negotiated and that she had even signed off on a contract with our unions and labor relations that said we would be working straight time if this schedule went through.  Our unions did not even tell us.  (Avoiding political here, but have to say:  I keep reading about evil, thuggish unions that keep negotiating big unwieldy benefits packages for their workers at the expense of the taxpayer...and what I want to know is:  how do I join one of those?) 

Back to the problem at hand: Stonecold denied even knowing what was written in black and white and insisted she had clearance for triple time and to bear with her.  Well, we had been that route once and "fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me."  So several people dropped out of the "volunteer" schedule.  In order to keep the building open we ideally need ten people, but have gotten by with six in a pinch.  It is very scary running this library during the week at regular pay, on special schedule, you need the triple time because who wants to give up family time just so delusional people, reality challenged folks and flat out crazies can spend their day face booking and playing farmville?

I had told the supervisor that I would honor my commitment one last week solely because another coworker, Lyona, had begged me to.  After that, I said I could not honor it further unless changes were made.  Supervisor agreed whole heartedly (and had been trying to get me to say this for some time).  SO Lyona is happy and is willing to play by my rules, shutting down all departments but the circulation desk and the reference room.

Then we are told we will only get double time.  Okay, no problem.  Double time is still good and we are in need of the work.  And still no pay and no word and nothing is said.

So Lyona decided she was worried about the safety of working here with so few people.  (It's now down to four)  She asks Stonecold about both the pay and the security.  Stonecold agrees that it is a concern and a safety issue, but there is not choice but to keep us open.

SO Lyona takes HER name off the schedule, leaving me between a rock and a hard place.  Another coworker volunteered to come in, but I told her it was basically allowing Stoney to keep getting her way and letting the board not see what a mess the place is.  Other Coworker is a peacemaker and a very kind person, and she is also very "professional" about these things and she feels it would be wrong to disappoint the customers at the risk of our own safety.  I used to go along with this, but I cannot do it any longer.

So I just wrote MY self removal from the roster as well.  ANd I said pretty much what I have here, suggesting that the "popular demand" Stoney keeps touting is being made by facebookers and game players and a hefty contingent who basically come in to scream at each other, the staff and other patrons.  I told them that for double time, security and written assurance of both, most of us would probably put up with the  nonsense for those four or five hours.  But until the commitments made to us were honored, I could no longer in good concious or confidence honor mine.

Not asking for advice, not expecting pats on the back because I am not sure I deserve them, and I fear I am being drama queen-y about it.  But I thought I would plug in the next installment....

Wow - good luck!  I hope the recent developments make positive changes in how they have been treating you.


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