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So, I Had To Find Out In An Email??? (Update#7--Now With Popcorn Worthy Details)

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You're not being a drama queen at all! In fact, I think you've been far more patient than I would have been. First you're promised triple-rate, then you're promised double-rate? And through all of this, you haven't even received straight pay for the overtime? That's absolutely ridiculous.

I seem to recall from your previous posts that Stonecold avoids putting anything in writing, which could make things difficult. If you have anything to work with, though, I really would take this further.

Longtime Stonecold Drama lurker popping in.

You took a stand for completely legitimate reasons. I not only pat you on the back, but I give you a medal.

You were *polite and professional* in dealing with a very rude and unprofessional supervisor and situation. We always stress to be firm but polite and you exemplified this E-Hell mantra. You. Are. A. Class. Act.

[I'm applauding and typing at one! :)]


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