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So, I Had To Find Out In An Email??? (Update#7--Now With Popcorn Worthy Details)

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Oh, I feel your pain.... I was told, after three years stage managing my high school's musicals, that my senior year, the one I was really looking forward to, I wouldn't be doing because they wanted to 'share the work around' - and I was told by the director 'forgetting' to tell me what day the auditions would be, so I could be there.

Cowardice, it usually works out, is the reason for the behavior. Sheer cowardice.

Here's hoping it all is for the best... and that the sting of the way you found out passes soon.

From other stories of your work place, this one wouldn't even be a blip.  Sucky, but a lot less sucky than I thought when I saw the title and your name. 

Update....I talked with the person (who isn't exactly in the building) who will now be doing all the fiction and her response was that she only found out in the email, did another coworker who will be purchasing audio books.  Audiobook girl turned to Lucky Leaving Coworker and said "You guys were going to to tell me when?"

I was right about the person who made the decision.  We all adore her for many reasons but her reputation for just going ahead and doing things is legendary and we have all decided to suck it up and move on.  As Fiction Lady said "Dear Heavens!  Do you suppose Stonecold is rubbing off on her???"

Side note :  You wanted Scary Stuff?  We got Scary Stuff!  Lucky Leaving Coworker is the one who pays the bills, saw to it that Stonecold signed checks (Stoney claims she doesn't think it's important to pay bills and doesn't care if they don't get paid), rearranged heaven and earth to accomodate illnesses, family leave, made sure everyone knew what was going on and kept us informed as to what was happening.  Essentially, she held us together with duct tape and library paste....she was our strong center core.  And her advice to the people on her management level was "DON'T try to fill in those duties.  There's not enough people to go around to do all this.  DON'T take over my administrative duties.  LET the bills go unpaid.  Maybe, when you're sitting in the dark, with no money to pay for the phones or the garbage pickup, the library board will finally get a clue."

Which is exactly what they plan to do.  Stonecold is still in denial that Lucky is leaving, even to the point of telling another coworker that this is ridiculous "Lucky isn't resigning.  I haven't heard a word"  two days after Lucky handed Stonecold her resignation IN PERSON and spoke the words "This is my resignation" to her.

Happily, we all get paid because the clerical assistant and the comptroller work together very well and will make sure our checks come through....but we are on the brink of disaster as Stoney absolutely refuses to dirty her hands with checks.  (Lucky even came up with a system whereby all Stoney had to do was click a couple of buttons and use a stamp to get the checks done and Stoney even refuses to do THAT.)

Get some popcorn, I may have better stories to tell about the next few months as the rest of us prepare to abandon ship.  (That's right, we are all seeking new jobs now so we can retire from this one...hopefully before ouir contracts run out next year.)

I think this is GREAT news! 

I see the Board as like an alcohol/drug addict.  Lucky was the enabling spouse keeping Life together.  As anyone in AA will tell you, some people have to hit rock-bottom before they realize they have a problem. 

I agree - great news! It took that for a former employer to get their stuff together - and it happens more than we know in a lot of places. Hopefully the first time the electric company comes and turns off the power they will all get it figured out!


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