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S/O mashed potatos - Mashers?

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I noticed in the mashed potato thread that people were talking about mashing their potatos in a ricer or with a fork. So I was wondering - how common are potato mashers? I mean ones like this

or this


Everyone I know uses one of these. Is this just an Australian or Australian/UK thing?

We have those in Finland, though I've never used one. My experience has been with wooden mashers (like these) or food mills (we had one just like this at home, also useful for apple sauce). 

I live in the US, and I use a masher like the one you have pictured. My grown kids also mash potatoes that way.

I occasionally use a ricer, which makes nice smooth potatoes, but the ricer is a bit of a pain to clean.

When I was first married, I used an electric mixer, because that is the way I was taught to make mashed potatoes at home. But it is easy to overbeat potatoes that way, and they can end up tasting gluey if you're not careful. 

We love mashed pototoes, and any way you get them to the table is fine with me!

I have the one you have in the link.  :)  I am yet to buy a ricer, mainly because I'm too lazy to clean it properly.

I have a masher like in teh pic, but my mum always just mashed with a fork. Good things we're not fussy about lumps.


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