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Diane AKA Traska:
I'm making a five pound meatloaf (for numerous reasons, no turkey this year), and I was wondering... when you make a meatloaf with five pounds of meat, what size pan should you use?  Would an 8 x 8 be okay?

Outdoor Girl:
I think that's too small.

With 5 pounds of meat, I would shape the meat into a large loaf and put it in my roasting pan that I use for smaller turkeys (~15 lbs or less).  If you have one of those removable rack things, you can cover the rack in foil and then it is easy to lift the meatloaf out and slide it off onto a platter.

Alternatively, you could make smaller ones, seasoning them all differently.

You can free form it onto a large cookie sheet.  And drain it halfway through the cooking process.

An example:

I would split it into 2 loafs to ensure it's cooked through and the outside/ends don't get dried out.  Five pounds seems a bit large to me and I wouldn't want to test cooking methods with a holiday dinner without practice beforehand.


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