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Author Topic: Mother Boundaries Rear Ugly Head Once More  (Read 4491 times)

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Mother Boundaries Rear Ugly Head Once More
« on: December 14, 2012, 05:47:49 AM »
So my mother now thinks it is OK to tap my DS (14 mths) on the hand when he is "being naughty".  He is not being at all naughty - simply getting too curious with the TV, so when he gets too close I just lift him up and physically move him towards toys, all the while saying "No, come this way darling, it's not safe to be over there." Of course, as he gets older, we are becoming more firm with him...if he is, say, crawling towards the plug sockets a firm "No" is enough to stop him in his tracks.

We do not agree with physical punishment and we both agree on that.  I hate the thought of resorting to smacking DS in a pique of temper - what does that teach any child?
I really am so angry about this.  A comment my mother made on the phone yesterday wound me up:

"If he does that at my house I'll smack his bottom." I simply said:

"No, Mum, you will not. DH and I don't want DS to be smacked. Can you respect our decision please?"
She changed the subject.

Last time we went to visit her, I saw her smack him on the hand.  Not hard, granted, but that wasn't the point.  The point is we don't want her to do it at all!
I really don't want to make this a hill to die on, I don't want any family rifts, but this is important to us now and will only get more important as he grows up.  And yes, I know I will probably change my mind about smacking him when he is a wilful 2 year old...I sincerely hope not, though.  The idea of causing deliberate pain for my child is more than I can think about.

Any advice as to how I can (sensitively) bring this up to my mother??
Thanks in advance!
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