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Frozen pie shell? Help, please.

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I will be using a frozen pie shell for the first time.  I'm making pumpkin pie.  This is probably a dumb question, but I want to make sure:  Do I put the pie filling into a frozen shell, thawed shell, cooked shell?  I haven't been able to find this info anywhere.

Outdoor Girl:
The shell should be thawed but not cooked, at least the way I make it.  Get your oven up to temperature first then put the filling in the shell and place it in the oven, according to my mother.

I pre-bake mine just a little bit, because I don't like for them to get too soggy. But for some people, the mushy crust is the best part of pie.
One tip, if you don't want the crust edge to get too brown, wrap it in aluminum foil for about 1/2 the baking time.

You can put the filling in the frozen shell with no problems.  However, I personally like to prebake the shell just a bit to make sure that the bottom of the shell is cooked all the way through.

It also depends on whether you are cooking your filling in the shell, or pouring in a "cooked" filling that just needs to set up or brown up a bit in the oven.


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