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windows 8

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am getting ready to start my shopping on Saturday.  I am wondering if anybody is using windows 8?  The Laptop I am looking at has it.  is it hard to use?

DH partitioned and loaded it  on one of his computers a couple of weeks ago.  He's spent about 15 hours total goofing around with it.  He finds it difficult to navigate.

But I also need to tell you he doesn't like change of any kind.   All walls should be white kind of guy. 

He hasn't let me anywhere near it, so I don't know if it's him or the software.

Do you have time for saleperson to guide you thru it (hopefully they will know more about it).

Happy shopping.

No sales person, but the place I am going to order it from does have a tutorial page on it.

Whats is it with husbands and change????  Mine is the same way.

My husband has his own business as a computer repair and update technician.  He has played around with Windows 8 and thinks it's awful.  He feels that Microsoft was trying too hard to give it a "smartphone" look and instead it is going to throw many many users, especially businesses, for a loop.  It took him 5 minutes to find where the "shut down computer" was...when he spoke to someone from Microsoft supposedly leading a class on Windows 8 (which really was merely a class on "Push Windows 8!  Make your customers buy it!" with very little info on what benefits the new OS brings), that person told him, "just close the laptop to shut down."  DH was incredulous - he actually advises his laptop users NOT to use "sleep mode" because it can cause difficulties for some of their programs, and besides, many people will be using Windows 8 on desktop PCs, not laptops. 

DH likes Windows 7 very much, feels it is stable and works well with most of the programs his clients use, and is advising all of us to wait wait wait before using Windows 8.

I don't have it, but I've played around with a friend's laptop which does.

I'm a bit of a techhead, and I agree that it's not very user friendly. It's too much like a smartphone/tablet, but without any of the benefits. I know from my own experience that working out how to do such simple things as turning it off and adjusting the settings was annoyingly difficult (and if I hadn't had my friend there, it probably would have taken me quite a while).

The menu graphics are also very annoying. It's like Windows saw the iPad, but didn't quite understand it. I love my iPad, but I think I'd go nuts if I had to use Windows 8 on a regular basis.

I would seriously suggest trying to find something with Windows 7, or waiting a while.


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