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"I really don't know why you are trying to pass messages through me.  Contact Nephew directly. If he won't take your calls, then, well, ask yourself why is that."

After the backstory, I am wondering why you even want to have any communication with sis. I would recommend the ”I can't hear you” technique. I used to use this when my mother wanted to repeat old criticisms I had no intention of discussing, but she had lots of good points so I was ready to cut her off. When she got going on the phone, I would not say anything in response and just hold the phone away from me until there was silence. Then I would pick up the phone and talk brightly about something, anything else. ”I cooked the best chicken for dinner”, or ” The dog did the cutest thing today.”
You will not be able to convince your sister, do I recommend absolute silence any time she mentions soon, then change subject. Do not even act like you heard any direct questions. This technique really works.


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