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Changes for Thanksgiving 2013

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Lasagna sounds perfect, Sophia. I adore it. But maybe a special one? I might look through my old issues of Saveur and Cook's Illustrated to see if they have a more sophisticated version. That's an excellent idea.

One thing I thought about--but I do it for Christmas dinner now--is the fabulous, to-die-for March of Dimes Bastilla. (It's a Moroccan chicken dish.) Add a Moroccan salad, a steamed artichoke and the dessert of choice, and this is one dinner than brings 'em running. It takes time to make but is simply heavenly. The only substitutes I make in it are to use Calvados rather than rum to soak the raisins, using golden rather than regular raisins, and leaving out the liver.

So a special lasagna for T-Day and the Bastilla for Christmas. Hmm. I like! (And not a turkey in sight.)

Amara, maybe use fresh pasta?  A layer with alfredo sauce?  Using the whole milk mott. is a must.  Fresh pasta is noticeably better, but not something we'd bother with every time.  We've been doing lasagna for T-day for years and it never disappoints.  I'm an only child and mom and I don't really care for Turkey.

For the bread we slice french bread diagonally so the pieces are long and the crust is easier to bite through.   Melt butter in the microwave and add a decent amount of garlic powder.  Brush garlic butter on both sides of bread and broil. 

We do lasagna for Christmas every year. For Thanksgiving, I might try getting just a turkey breast and a few drumsticks...that's really all I like. We don't do a Norman Rockwell photo, so we don't really need a whole turkey.


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