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Plum Puddings for Christmas.

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In my family, a Crosse & Blackwell plum pudding was a Christmas must.  It was always served with hard sauce.  My mother steamed it before serving.

Do you have a Christmas Pudding?

Outdoor Girl:
Mom made her own - it was a carrot based pudding, no plums involved!  And she served it with a choice of hard sauce or brown sugar sauce.

They were steamed while they baked and then she froze them.  They were steamed again before serving.

I have the recipe but I haven't made them since she died.  I found out that no one in my family cares for it, except for me.  So now we have raspberry pie for Christmas dessert, instead.

I make my own using an adapted version of my Grandmothers recipe, served flamed with brandy custard on the side, and shots of Christmas Pudding Vodka (because in Oz you cant get enough booze at Xmas).

I blogged a version of it here ---> http://aussiefoodie.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/booze-riddled-christmas-pudding.html

Free Range Hippy Chick:
Mine is boiling as I type. It'll steam until I go to bed tonight, and then tomorrow it gets wrapped in greaseproof paper, ready to be resteamed on Christmas Day. I've got several recipes including one I made up myself which makes about six puddings. We always had brandy butter rather than hard sauce, but DH doesn't like it so now we have cream with orange liqueur in. I even have one of those globe moulds to make it in!

Dinner tonight we ate the last one from last year, out of the freezer. Yum.

The carrots thing isn't unusual - think carrot cake - but I suspect it may also have been a left-over from war time rationing when carrots were a quick way to sweeten something. I have several Christmas pudding recipes using carrots.

I've never heard of "hard sauce" , so I googled it. It sounds like what is called brandy butter here.


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