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Wearing one organization's apparel to another organization

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We are in Australia and have recently (last 8months) changed to a dojo that sounds much like your new dojo. eg; bowing, respect, stances answering uss sensei when spoken to.

We wear our old ghi's (plain white, no markings) to the new dojo and use all our old gear, not dojo branded. We would not wear anything with markings from another dojo to our new dojo.
While I do not believe that our new dojo would have a problem with it, I do think that it would set us apart from the other students/families and may come accross as us not being ready to fit in and support the new dojo.
The gear bag I can understand, but actual clothing that you wear around, its like branding yourself the property of another dojo. Yes, many people cross train between dojo's (we used to) but most do not advertise it.
One thing our dojo really pushes is fellow student support. If this is a dojo you want to be involved with long term, then you need to show your support and let the other students know your not just passing through.


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hyzenthlay-I don't have one of their t-shirts yet. They were totally out when I went to buy one and won't have any more in for a couple months.

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This would be a reason why you could wear the old shirts with the other, I think.
And if anybody mentions it, you say, "I can't get one from here yet--they ran out."

If you have completely moved locales, then wearing the logo from the old place may say, "I see this place as a continuation of my old place, and I was committed enough there to buy their gear. So I'm committed to the sport, for sure."

The other option is simply to wear a plain T-shirt.

I know my DD's old instructor in judo said he didn't mind the kids wearing gis from other dojos - in fact, he had a bunch of kids in ATA gear, which is from a whole other sport! I think the more focused on the work as opposed to the personalities involved the place is, the less they need the branding (and it sounds like this may be one of those work focused places, which is great!). I'd double check, but I doubt it'll be a big deal.

I see no problem with the bag and hoodies. If you feel unsure, I'd buy a couple cheap plain black tees until you can get an offical one.


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