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Turkey Dance



This little guy makes me smile !

What happened with this forum guys? Now I realised that now are two versions of this forum.
I visited less frequently this forum in the last period. Anyway...
I just put online my new website and I want some opinions from you. The website name is NinjaUnits, and you can find some useful stuff here like calculators and converters for units like joules to kilocalories <kcal> converter and reverse to kilocalories <kcal> to joules and many others.
I'm waiting your reviews guys.
Please do not be too harsh: D

I love that he was doing it on his own, he was dancing for some delicious turkey..... my big girl would have been on the counter in a flash.

Or whats been happening lately is the kitten gets on the counter ... knocks down goodies and they share.

That's funny stuff!


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