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The 'stolen' turkey dinner... UPD #331 p23

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If the church is understaffed then it sounds like they are probably struggling to stay up to date on the basics.  I can understand not wanting to push them for further action as far as TL is concerned.  However, a receipt for the $50 donation does sound reasonable and shouldn't take too much time.

I simply can't wrap my mind around that womans thinking. This was a charity do for church. For CHURCH for Pete's sake! She thinks her Deity wants her to donate from the goodness of her heart or whatever reason, and Clever Turkey Lady figures pretending to donate will miraculously fool an all-seeing, all-knowing being and somehow still get her super awesome bonus karma? Because she's oh so righteous and giving?

How? What...why?! And also; DUMB!

Argh. I know that was incoherent, but this whole thing broke my brain.

Turkey lady might not need or want the tax deduction receipt.  It might have been the social status gained by donating a desirable thing to the raffle. 

They may want to talk to the auction coordinator ahead of time (that is, now) if it will be the same person for future auctions rather than wait. Better to have one's barriers up ahead of time rather than wait until the storm auction is around the corner.

A recent thread made me think of this one.

I know there's probably not another update, but I had to check anyway!  Has anything else happened with this since we last heard?


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