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I find the whole story confusing to be honest.  I have never heard of a dinner like that where you didn't pre-arrange a day and rough time where you wouldbe picking it up.  The fact that sis made no re-arrangements might have made it appear that the turkey had been abandoned and if Thusrady passed the opportunity would have been lost.  Is it possible that somebody from the store could have called the church to mention that there had been no arrangments made and the clock was ticking?

I'd contact the church.  But I'd do so in a confused, "I think something went awry" way.

"Hi Pastor Pete,  I was at the recent Thanksgiving Auction at your church, and I won the Turkey Dinner.  I think something didn't get communicated right between the church and the store, because it appears someone else picked up the dinner right before I got there.  I know it was just a mistake somewhere, but I thought you needed to know that some of the items from the auction didn't get to the people who bought them.  Since it's after Thanksgiving now, would it be possible to maybe get a gift card for the amount I spent instead?"

The pastor is the one who needs to determine if Turkey Lady was the culprit and then do whatever's necessary.  But I don't think the OP's sister should make any accusations - even as  possible suppositions.
ETA:  Oooooh, LazyDaisy posted while I was posting.  I do see her point here, though.  The deli isn't completely blameless here.

--- Quote ---I actually think that it's the fault of the deli rather than the church. They shouldn't have released the dinner without the gift coupon.
--- End quote ---



--- Quote ---The fact that sis made no re-arrangements might have made it appear that the turkey had been abandoned
--- End quote ---

But, if that were the case, it doesn't mean that someone else just gets to swoop in and take the dinner.  It means that the dinner just went unclaimed and could be resold to someone else.  Turkey Lady got a free dinner on someone else's dime.  And that's not right - even if the OP's sister never intended to pick up the dinner.

If nothing else, TL should have called the OP's sister and said, "Hey, the deli called me and said the dinner hasn't been picked up.  I just wanted to let you know it's there and ready for you."  But she didn't do that - she (and I'm making an assumption that it was TL who took it - we haven't proven that) just went over and grabbed it.

I think what it was that the lady paid for the dinner at the deli and then basically had the store write out something indicating that the dinner is paid for and ready to be picked up.  The lady probably kept the receipt and gave the paper to the church.
I think the deli is blameless if this is the case.  If they released the dinner without that receipt or paperwork then the deli is the one that has to make good on the item.  I would actually go to the store and ask for the manager and show them your paper and see what proof they have of whom picked up the dinner.

I agree that it's the fault of the deli. They let someone pick up the dinner without presenting the valid coupon. And now, they are essentially refusing to honor the actual valid coupon. I would call the church and tell them that. I wouldn't speculate as to who did pick up the dinner, I'd just say that the deli wouldn't honor the coupon. Period. If asked why I'd tell them that it's not my problem why, only that I bid on the auction in good faith, that the deli did not come through, and that you'd like your money back.

If the church wants to call the deli and figure out what happened and who picked up the dinner, that's on them. But if I were your sister, I wouldn't want to get involved in that baliwick at all.


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