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My birthday is Wednesday, and a good friend of mine offered to take me out to dinner for it since I'm single now, and my family lives elsewhere, so otherwise I'd just be hanging out alone. We're both graduate students, so we don't have a ton of money, but neither of us are the typical starving grad student either - we're a happy medium, I'd say. I know he goes out to dinner halfway regularly. I asked him what he had in mind for dinner, and he said for me to choose to go "wherever I wanted". He's also the type of guy that, if I chose something more expensive than he had in mind, would probably not say anything.

I wanted to run the pricing by you guys before I suggested this restaurant to him - do the prices seem reasonable for this kind of outing? Entrees run between $15-$20, burgers/sandwiches are around $10, dinner salads around $8-$10, and appetizers around $7. We'd both probably have a cocktail or glass of wine as well, but those prices aren't listed on the website. I would definitely order towards the cheaper end of the menu, not the priciest thing on there.

The place looks awesome - really hip, using all locally-grown and organic products when possible, and the food looks amazing, with great Google reviews. But I'd like second opinions just to make sure I'm not choosing somewhere that seems too pricey to the rest of you. I'm not used to spending more than $10 altogether at a diner, so it's hard for me to tell if these are okay prices for a "real" dinner. Is this about what everyone would expect to spend on a dinner, or is it too much?

I live in the boonies where prices are much cheaper than in a big city.  Those prices look completely in line with what I would think as a "nice" dinner. 

Sounds like an awesome place too.  I say you would be fine picking that restaurant.

I think that is actually a really good option to suggest since there is a range in prices to accommodate a smaller or larger budget.  I would then try to order from the price point that your host does.  If you say, "What looks good to you?" and he goes straight for the sandwich section when looking at the menu, I'd order from there as well. 

rose red:
In my area, those are the prices for chain restaurants, so paying that for organic is definitely worth it.

I think any place where your entree/main is under $20 is extremely reasonable for a celebration dinner.  With a shared app, two mid rang entrees, and a shared dessert, it would be less than $60 before drinks, tax, tip.  Considering fast food seems to be $15 for two meals these days, I think that is very reasonable. 


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