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Justin Bieber's Overalls

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I don't dislike Justin for any reasons that aren't musical, but his manager does him no favors on the brat front IMO. The manager's post-Grammy nom rant was over the top when Justin wasn't nominated this year.


--- Quote ---I haven't heard of a single offensive thing he's ever done (unless you consider this to be it) so for so many people to "hate" him is strange to me!
--- End quote ---
In addition to what the pp said, Justin got a LOT of hate after he did a...polarizing (to say the least) interview with Rolling Stone. I won't get into the details here, because it talks about a major hot-button issue, but you can probably google it if you want to find out more. Or PM me if you'd like.

I'm not saying whether the hate after that interview was justified or not - I really don't want to start up the debate again lol - I'm just pointing out that he has been ensnared in some controversy that has added fuel to the fire, so to speak.

I think my DD doesn't like him because she doesn't like his music, and thinks his appearance is absurd (the hair). Also, I think it's rebellious as a lot of tweens her age are loving Bieber, so it makes her stand out to not love him.

Plus, she pretty much hates all boy bands because she thinks they are "stupid". The current One Direction craze also makes her nutty.

I don't like him because he's a product, like a PP said. I'm grateful she doesn't like him, actually.

rose red:
I just get this vibe he's mean, entitled, snobby, and makes fun of others.  I physically have a difficult time looking at his face.  It's rare when I get that feeling, but whenever I have the same vibe with other public figures, I'm eventually proved right.

eta:  I don't even feel that strongly about the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, Snookie and I know they turn off a lot of people.  There's just something about Justin, but I can't put my finger on it.


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